Helping Other People Excel, Inc.
Helping Other People Excel, Inc.
Once you choose hope,
             Anything is possible...
Helping Other People Excel, Inc. is an organization designed to helping friends, families and neighbors of the Bald Eagle community when tragedy strikes.

​                                                                                                                                                 March, 2024

Our family would like to thank the HOPE organization for the prayers and encouragement during a recent health emergency for our daughter.  The procedure required a 5 day stay in a hotel that was within minutes of the hospital in downtown Philadelphia.  With the donation of two VISA gift cards from HOPE, our financial concerns took a second seat to caring for her during this difficult time.  Without friends Danielle Heverly and Cheryl Walker, we would not have known about this organization.  We are blessed that they took matters into their hands and rallied around us to help.  We cannot begin to thank everyone in the HOPE program and express our gratitude.

Thanks Again,
Renae & Shawn Butler

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